Denise Ryan


Denise’s extensive career includes the management of full-spectrum marketing and communications programs on both the agency and the client side. She has led campaigns for numerous consumer products in her various roles as Director of Communications at Black & Decker US, Marketing Director for Polaroid Eyewear, Inc. and as Sr. VP, Director of Client Services at CDP, Inc. Her 35 years of experience gives her a unique perspective and ability to collaborate effectively with heads of associations, C-suite level executives and entrepreneurs. Denise’s no-nonsense approach is grounded in strategy, business goals and budget stewardship.
Clients appreciate her guidance, honesty and commitment to doing whatever it takes to get the desired results. A consummate professional, Denise tells it like it is. She fights for the ideas and strategies she believes in and makes the case with sound research and her seasoned point of view.
A partner at Outloud since its founding in 2002, she has shaped it into a boutique firm that specializes in food and beverage marketing communications geared toward food experts that can help drive consumption. For 12 years, one of her roles was managing the B2B digital marketing for the MilkPEP/got milk? Program.
Around the office, Denise masters bad food puns, serves as the resident handyman, and surprises the team with random field trips. When she’s not working, she is either running, spinning, baking bread or playing golf with her husband.

Lori Gerstley


Lori’s first job out of college was assistant to the president at a small PR firm where she learned all the basics and figured out PR was her calling. Her experience includes working on both the client and agency side, primarily focused on consumer products and professional services. From introducing a new line of footwear while at Genesco to promoting three brands of spirits for Heublein, Lori developed targeted PR campaigns that generated national media coverage and cultivated relationships with key retailers and decision makers.
For eleven years, Lori ran her own PR consulting firm while raising her two daughters. She joined Outloud in 2012 to spearhead the MilkPEP/got milk? communications program geared toward the grocery retail industry and became a partner in 2014. Known for her communications finesse, Lori can wordsmith the most complicated concepts into easily understandable language that resonates with the intended audience. Her intuitiveness in what makes a story compelling has earned her clients the positive exposure they need to increase consumption.
Always finding the humor in things, Lori keeps the Outloud team laughing. When not playing with the office thermostat, she adds more post-it notes on her desk with ideas and reminders to call her mother. Outside of the office, Lori is taking a walk, reading, dining around town or exploring the neighborhoods around Baltimore with her husband.

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