The (Micro) Influencer Revolution – When Less is MORE


For many clients new to embarking on an influencer strategy, seeking out influencers with the greatest number of followers may seem like the right move.   After all, they have the greatest reach, right?   Well yes, and in certain circumstances we agree.  For example, they can be useful to raise awareness for a new category.

But more is not always MORE.  Based on our experience, we see a better ROI when we guide clients to use micro-influencers who are expert in their fields (think registered dietitians, food and recipe bloggers, nutrition writers who are authentic and have a genuine, distinct POV).  We see that their followers are loyal and engaged.  So, we were thrilled to see this infographic from, a Dublin, Ireland-based production company.   This side-by-side comparison of benefits and impacts between “macro” and “micro” influencers is a great depiction of how to distinguish which direction will yield the biggest bang for your buck.

To get traction for clients, we leverage trusted experts, “micro-influencers”, to help spread the word about their products or category. It’s real roll-up-your-sleeves kind of work to identify the right micro-influencers and determine how to use their expertise to get desired messages out to the targeted audiences.  Doing this successfully can provide the greatest impact for the dollars you have to spend.  The reach may be limited, but the active followers, at a lower cost, and higher engagement, may be just the right strategy.

Is a “micro” influencer strategy right for your brand or product?
It might be if your food and beverage product

  • is designed for a specific dietary need
  • ranks 2nd or 3rd in sales in its category
  • is an established product/category that is experiencing flat consumption
  • has a limited marketing budget –  Each dollar needs to work hard to drive awareness and trial.

For those companies, brands and organizations that need this approach in their marketing mix, it is cost-efficient and powerful. We’re happy to help you determine if our expertise is an appropriate fit. We know there are tough decisions to be made, budgets can be tight, and the margin of error is small.

Download the infographic